Mr. Godfrey Kagoro Kazinduka Araali

Dean of Students & Development Officer

Warm greetings to the Staff, Executives and all Stakeholders of Fins Medical University.
During the short stint that I have had at this great institution, the students and staff that I have met on campus have demonstrated a strong team spirit, deep passion, desire for continuous growth and inclination to professionalism. From the smart and clean uniformed students, to the attractive physical infrastructure, to the camaraderie and individual sense of purpose that meets one on the FINS campus, there is no wonder that, already, I feel like I have been here for a long time.
I am honored to serve and lead in the capacity of Dean of Students while upholding the continuing and evolving tradition of a world-class student experience at FINS. As I settle down to perform my responsibilities, I wish to assure both the students and staff of a collaborative and collegial style of leadership where we shall, together, provide fresh energy for a vibrant and meaningful campus atmosphere. The Office of the Dean embraces: advocacy for students; prevention and response to crisis; education and consultation with students, faculty, and staff; and lastly, engagement and support of students in acknowledging responsibility for their choices. Henceforth, the Office will challenge and support our students (through their Guild and other associations) to strive to be their best selves both in and outside the lecture rooms. Strategic and innovative leadership to key departments will be provided and the Office will serve as an accessible and viable advocate for and with the students.As the University leadership strives to provide the best supervision, guidance and support, I hereby urge the student community to engage in their academic pursuit with rigor, passion and determination. Remember: success is only reaped by those who diligently sow their seeds and nurture their work with consistent determination. I therefore encourage you to customize your success: accept full responsibility for all your actions in and out of class as well as in your life post-graduation.

Self-preservation is important. Be kind to yourself, make time to pause and reflect on what brings joy to your life, and strive to find glimmers of that whenever possible. Joy may mean different things to each person; whether it is laughing, going for a walk, cooking, dancing or engaging in useful debates with colleagues. Each one of you is the source of joy for our FINS community. When we stay focused on our social and academic well-being, we will achieve our goals together! With this ethos, all FINS graduates should be able to synthesize and contribute to the existing body of knowledge with practical skills gained in your respective fields of specialization.

The great scientist Albert Einstein once defined education as; “what remains when you forget what you learnt in school”… other words, you are going out there fully armed with your academic success, but ready and willing to solve new and emerging problems in medical health and beyond.

I look forward to making my contribution to Fins Medical University in the years to come by grooming passionate, informed, engaged and ethical young women and men who will champion a healthy transformed society. The Dean’s Office will maintain an open-door policy for any and all student-related matters.