Diploma in Pharmacy

A Diploma in Pharmacy generates a type of cadre that is key for compounding pharmaceutical products. Absence of such cadres in the world of work will greatly hamper production of pharmaceutical products at the different health facilities. Currently, the country is experiencing a shortage of trained and qualified health work force (Pharmacy graduates) at Diploma qualification level. On the other hand, health sector is experiencing task shifting in roles, which has created demand for Diploma in Pharmacy graduates at different unit levels of operation. It has also been noted that there is an increased number of pharmaceutical product outlets, which requires trained and qualified pharmacy cadres at Diploma qualification level.

Minimum entry requirements

Direct entrants: Applicants shall be required to have at least one principal pass in Chemistry and subsidiary in Biology and any related subject such as; Physics, Mathematics, Subsidiary Mathematics or Physical Science at “A” Level.

Certificate holders: may apply for admission if he/she holds a certificate in Pharmacy with an outstanding performance record.

Diploma/ Degree entrants: may apply for admission if he/she holds a Diploma or a basic degree in related Health Science or discipline.