Bachelor of Science in Public Health


The Public Health discipline is not a standalone from the other medical sciences. It, however, has a knowledge base that exploits certain unique conceptual models, theories and principles used to provide professional maternal and child health care, physical, emotional and psychological support useful for optimal health outcome. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health program offers health education that will incorporate all aspects of health. The program prepares a graduate ready to play effectively all functions of health professional personnel, as a role model for professionalism and leadership within the health care system. This program is distinct from because it prepares a complete public health worker who is well versed with social as well as scientific aspects of health.


Direct Entry

Students entry through ‘A’ level must have at least two principal passes in Biology, Geography, chemistry and at least five passes at ordinary level in one sitting or its equivalent.

Diploma Entry

Students holding a diploma from a recognized institution of higher learning with a credit in programs such as:

  1. Diploma in Nursing or Midwifery or
  2. Diploma in Education majoring in Biology and Chemistry
  3. Diploma in Comprehensive Nursing or
  4. Diploma in any other relevant health discipline and five passes at ordinary level in one sitting or its equivalent.