A message from Chairperson University Council

The 21st century is an era for great visions and strategies. It is a time when we should aim at providing better service delivery to the citizens. Notably, there is a great need to ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all as one of the goals for sustainable development. One way to realize this goal is to promote education and build capacities for health sciences.

It is upon this view that Fins Medical University joins efforts of other higher institutions of health sciences to provide quality education and build knowledge and skills for diverse body of students.  In the short run, this will bridge the skill-gaps for health workers in the communities while our long term mission is to provide improved health care services in the African region and beyond.

Fins Medical University Council is committed to providing frameworks and guidance to build and strengthen the University structures and systems   with the aim of   addressing the bigger and long-term societal health challenges. We shall attain this through ensuring the University continues to teach quality programs, enabling environment for teaching and learning, supporting research initiatives and new innovations and ensuring humanity in our health care functions. Our collegial approach to alliances and collaborative partnerships of Fins Medical University with business, industry, government, and other research institutions will be our biggest way to realize our mission and vision.

We tackle the subject of health science education in the most dynamic and futuristic manner as we prepare our graduates to handle current and future health challenges as well as fitting within the modern scientific revolution of the 21st century. Our benchmarking strategies as well as the dynamic nature of the University council, provides the most appropriate policies which suit the current health training needs.  

If you are such a student or lecturer who is always interested in being challenged or being part of the medical revolution in Africa, FMU is your home as we pioneer the health science revolution of dealing with what others have thought are impossible to manage. We shall continue exploring the possibilities of being the leaders in the health science education and research sector.

We warmly welcome you to Fins Medical University. Together, we shall save many lives with our utmost passion.

Dr. Stella Kyohairwe (PhD)

Chairperson University Council