Dr. Epodoi Joseph

Associate Professor



Dr. Epodoi Joseph, Senior Consultant Surgeon and Urologist at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital is
the recipient of the 2022 Fins Medical University Distinguished Award for Meritorious Academic
Excellence for his outstanding contribution to national health services. Specifically, Dr. Epodoi is being
awarded for the outstanding contributions he has made through his commitment to excellence in
medical practice and his commitment and inspiration to building surgical capacity assessment and
care in rural Uganda.
Dr. Epodoi Joseph: Your work experience and journey to academic excellence in the medical field
dates back to 1997 when you served as Diocesan Medical Coordinator at Soroti Catholic Diocese. The
Diocese awarded you for the invaluable services to the people of Teso. Having successfully obtained
an M.B.chB Degree from Makerere University, you proceeded to obtain M.Med Surgery (Master’s
Degree) in 1995 from the same University. Further academic pursuit saw you obtain a Fellowship –
Urology awarded to you by COSESCA in 2019. During the same year, you obtained a Master’s MSc in
Urology from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (Tanzania).
Upon successful completion of your internship at Mulago National Referral Hospital you served the
Medical profession in several capacities from; Diocesan Medical Coordinator Medical Officer at Soroti
Catholic Diocese up to 1998, Senior House Officer – Surgeon at Mulago National Referral Hospital up to
2000 to General Surgeon (Medical Officer – Special Grade Surgeon) at Soroti Regional Hospital till 2008.
Throughout your career, you have ably delivered your professional expertise not only as a Senior
Consultant Surgeon but also in several managerial positions. Currently, you hold the enviable position
of Managing Director Soroti Joint Medical Services Ltd.at the same time holding the title of Senior
Consultant Surgeon and Urologist at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital. Additionally, you have also
been the Head, Department of Surgery at Soroti Hospital from 2014 to date.
At Corporate level, from 2009 to 2017, you chaired the Board of Directors at Mt. Elgon Hospital and you
were a Member of Centre Advisory Council (The Arts Support Organization –TASO) from 2015 to 2017.
Dr. Epodoi Joseph:To your creditand in fulfillment of your academic pursuit, you have researched
and presented on a number of scientific topics. These include; A Study to assert the Laboratory
Predictors of Chobelithiasis in patients with Sickle Cell Anemia (2001); War Injuries in Teso (2003)
and Appendicular Abscess in Epigastrium (2003); Hemostasis Post Prostatectomy using a mop (2003);
Delay Presentation of a Diaphragmatic Hernia (2003) – all presented to the Association of Surgeons
of East Africa.
Like all academicians of high esteem, you have published extensively on various subjects in the
realm of medical health and management. These include: Barriers and facilitators of Surgical Care
in rural Uganda; A Mixed Methods Study (2016) in the Journal of Surgical Research (JSR); Identifying
Information Gaps in a Surgical Capacity Assessment Tool for Developing Countries; A methodological
Triangulation Approach, World Journal of Surgery (2019); and, The Quality of operation notes after
trans-urethral resection of the prostate, East African Medical Journal (2018).
In the 27 years since you first joined the Medical profession as an Intern Doctor at Mulago National
Referral Hospital, you have obtained a number of outstanding awards.
These include: Award for the invaluable services to the people of Teso (2022); Award for promoting
Social Accountability category by the National Citizens Integrity (2021). You also attained the Doctor
of the Year (2021) Award by Ministry of Health (Heroes in Health Award); the Professor A.M.Odonga
for excellence in Medical practice (2021); Award by Kyambogo University for being the lead Surgeon
on the event of separation of Siamese twins (2021).
Your professional intervention in this outstanding Siamese operation has won you great accolades
both within and outside the medical/academic space. It is in this light that the Parliament of Uganda
on 7th April 2021 also awarded you upon playing a key role as the lead Surgeon in the separation
of Siamese twins. You were also the winner of a SIU Scholarship for a Master of Science program in
Urology at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College Tanzania.
Dr. Epodoi Joseph: Your professional ethics, expertise and personal commitment have enabled you to
render unlimited services to the community. You have conducted several surgical camps in obstetric
fistula, pediatric surgeries and plastic surgeries (post-war injuries). In addition, to being a member
of the Association of Surgeons of Uganda (ASOU), you are also a Fellow (by Exams) of the College of
Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSESCA) besides serving as Acting Medical Director,
delegated Soroti Regional Hospital.
In recognition of your immense contribution to research and scholarship, and in acknowledgement
of your potential in advancing excellent medical research and practice in the years ahead, and in line
with our motto “Saving Lives….Our Passion”, Fins Medical University is proud to confer on you the;
Distinguished award for meritorious academic excellence 2022 and as thus name after you the school
of Medicine and Paramedical Studies which shall henceforth be known as the Fins Medical University
Dr. Epodoi School of Medicine and Paramedical Studies.
We congratulate and salute you.