A Message from the Vice Chancellor

Welcome to Fins Medical University.  FMU has been established with a singular mission to educate doctors, nurses, hospital technicians and health-sector professionals to global standards, and in doing so, to significantly raise health standards in Uganda and the East African region by focusing on what is core to the medical sciences: all elements of the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention of disease. 

FMU has developed an academically rigorous curriculum and brought together a team of talented lecturers to educate our students in the acquisition of advanced health-related knowledge and skills. The University has invested in teaching infrastructure, specialized laboratory facilities and a growing library at our Fort Portal campus. 

The teaching hospital now nearing completion adjoining to the university will enable the conjoining of rigorous teaching with practical learning, on-site cutting-edge technology, compassionate patient care and modern hospital best-practices. The theories taught in classrooms and University skills labs will find its meaning and purpose in the context of treating the sick and the suffering who seek help in our hospital.

Once it is operational our hospital will coordinate a rota of international doctors and specialists, bringing their specialist skills and knowledge to Uganda; serving the health needs of the region, while offering international-level training and mentoring to FMU students.

Fins Medical University, located the stunningly beautiful foothills of the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda, is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing solely on medical and health-related programs. The bold and ambitious planning that has resulted in the opening of this university is the result of a clear and expansive vision for what medical education in Africa can be.  FMU is proud of its founder, Victor Kalenzi, whose entrepreneurial successes combined with knowledge of the dire state of much of Uganda‚Äôs health infrastructure, and a spirited determination to make a difference. Victor started a Nursing School (FINS) in 2011, which rapidly established itself among the best in Uganda. This institution grew and expanded, and was upgraded to University status in 2018. 

At FMU we strive to teach and inspire values of honesty, accountability, collaboration and inclusiveness which we believe are the basic tenets of integrity. We also cherish the role we have in preparing the next generation of health professionals in an environment that fosters diligence in service, compassion and genuine kindness.

It is my desire to see FMU grow to fulfill its ambitious goals, and to welcome you to be a part of this endeavor: if you are a health-sector lecturer, consider FMU for part or full-time teaching. If you are a doctor or medical specialist, consider volunteering for a short or longer period. If you are a student, consider applying. If you are a donor or well-wisher, consider contributing together with us to make a difference in Africa.

We invite you to join us and embrace our special call to create the next generation of medical and health professionals. 


Dr. Simeon Wiehler
Vice Chancellor