Message from Academic Registrar

We thank God who has kept us alive and enabled fins Medical University move this far, here at Fins Medical University (FMU) we offer a unique learning environment with hands on training through access to a variety of the latest standard medical equipment in our own hospital “The Great Lakes International Hospital.”

As FMU family, we work together to maintain healthy and safety standards while sustaining the academic excellence. The theme guiding us this academic year is “the sky is the limit” therefore, to the students I encourage you to think about how you will move forward every day towards earning your certificate, diploma and degrees till the sky becomes the limit.

Fins Medical University has advanced to current methods that enable students to access learning materials and classes both physical and online hence our learning approach is no longer limited to the traditional classroom. This necessitates all students to adjust to the “new normal”. I assure you that FMU remains committed to delivering high academic standards and always open to everyone as it has always been. 

Your success is central to the mission of FMU. Please reach out to us for any inquiries. We are here to support you towards achieving your academic dreams.



Joan Kempango .R. Mrs.

PhD (cand.), MNS, MPHL, BSN.

Academic Registrar,

Fins Medical University.