Bachelor of Environmental Health Science

There are very few degree trained environmental and occupational health workers who have specialized in primary preventive measures like water safety, sanitation, food hygiene, good housing, pest control and waste management which are the key elements for the promotion of good health.  At the moment, the need for graduates in Environmental and Occupational health is much needed than ever before. The need for Environmental Health Science trained personnel partly stems from the increasing environmental stressors coupled with population increase within the country and also within the region at large.  One of the areas of major and increasing concern is environmental pollution arising from the industrialization strategy of the economy.

The needs for environmental health services are complex because of the changes brought about by the socio-economic and technological advances. The world still experiences prevalence and epidemics of preventable diseases which contribute to high morbidity and mortality in the communities especially among pregnant women and in the under-five children.  Environmental Scientists therefore are of great importance in ensuring that the population is informed and local solutions are generated to deal with the increasing health and environmental challenges.  The BEHS program shall extend over a period of 3 years and each year shall consist of 2 Semesters.

Entry Requirements

Direct Entry Scheme

For direct entry scheme, an applicant must obtain any two advanced level principal passes in Biology and Chemistry at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination or its equivalent

Mature Age Entry Scheme

Admission may also be by mature age entry scheme, officers who could have done and passed mature age, university entry exams offered by Public Universities, and having the certificate qualifying her / him to be admitted for Environmental Health Science, during that academic year but fails to be taken by any of the Public Universities, also qualifies to be admitted at the University for Environmental Health Science Degree course.

Diploma Holders Entry Scheme

Holders of Diploma in Environmental Health (or in any other environmental health related course) from any recognized University / Institution may be admitted to the program.

Bridge Course Entry Scheme (Higher Education Certificate in Biological Sciences)

Holders of a Higher Education Certificate in biological Sciences from a recognized institution approved by the National Council for Higher Education shall qualify to apply for the BEHS.

Graduate Entry

Holders of any other health related degree e.g. Bachelor of Nursing Science, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Medical Radiography, Bachelor of Laboratory Science Bachelor of Science, will also be eligible for admission to Bachelor of Environmental Health Science degree course.