Know Us Better

About Fins Medical University


Fins Medical University (FMU) has a long history spanning from 2010 when it started as a Nurses and Midwives Training College for certificate and diploma programs. After closely studying the immense health needs in Africa and the acute shortage of human resource for health not only in Africa but across the world, the founders and management decided to transform the college into a University so as to aid Health Science Research and Innovation, establish new programs as well as expanding the scope of coverage in terms of knowledge and skills through degree and other post graduate studies.

It was deliberately decided that Fins Medical University specializes in health sciences training so as to contribute towards addressing the challenge of shortage of critical health professionals especially in Africa.

Today FMU is the only University in Africa which is specializing in health sciences education offering exclusively health sciences courses as well as engaging in health research. Fins Medical University is licensed and regulated by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and all programs offered at FMU are accredited by the NCHE and other regulatory bodies established by the laws of Uganda.

Today, FMU offer a wide range of programs at diploma and Bachelors levels which have attracted students from across the East African region and beyond as well as staff from across the world. It is the University’s deliberate effort to ensure that health education is handled from a global perspective and also that our training needs are focusing on areas which have higher shortages of human resource for health.

Our Vision

To be a hub for health workers training, providing excellence in biomedical education, research and quality patient care in Africa.

Our Mission

To excel in providing quality health sciences education in a dynamic and collaborative environment while ensuring quality in training, research, clinical practice and responsiveness to community health and medical care needs in a sustainable manner.

What we do

We train health science professionals right from certificate to bachelors levels. Our speciality in health science education gives us an edge in providing quality education to both science students from secondary schools as well as health professionals who intend to further their education. In collaboration with the National Council for Higher Education and other regulatory bodies, we design our programs to cater for the job needs as well as packaging our content in a manner that suits both full time and in-service students. We implement modular systems of training for specific programs so as to provide an opportunity for health workers who intend to further their education. As we encounter the ever-challenging health conditions from across the globe, our training is research tailored to enable our students to graduate with competencies to deal with the health challenges of the 21st century.

As a means to achieve our desired goals, FMU has established modern laboratories which are embedded with technological training, constructed a training hospital that shall provide both general medical services as well as specialized diagnosis and treatment, established the best infrastructure to suit the health training needs of a 21st Century health worker. These among others will not only enable us to achieve our vision but also enable us to produce globally competitive health professionals.